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Career Management is not a small or easy task. It is a lifelong journey and needs to be mastered. Most professionals miss to do so and suffer the hard consequences in their careers.

My private coaching is always tailor-made for you. We are all unique, are on different stages on our career journeys, and have diverse experiences. Below are just some selected examples where private coaching is many times beneficial.  

  • My work-life balance needs to be re-designed to allow less stress and better performance. But I find it hard to do alone and could use sparring. 
  • I get into many interviews but then something goes wrong and I never get the offers. And I get no feedback so I could improve.
  • I keep on falling back to the "easy option" of remaining in my current job, although it is killing me.
  • I am an introvert professional and networking my way to new opportunities is very challenging to me.
  • I am in a need to look for another professional opportunity, however, I have not made a CV or application for 10 years.
  • I am a superstar in my field but my lack of smooth, structured communication skills is breaking my career advancement. 
  • I can feel it, career change is needed but I feel puzzled into which direction to go to.
  • I really like my employer and would like to advance, but feel completely stuck in the current team setting.
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Dmytro Grabovets

He is a true professional who guided me through this bumpy MBA road by showing how to prepare, what to skip, and where to focus.

Investment Banking Associate @ Citi

Mariam Nurminen

He is very professional giving an accurate overview of your situation, advice on where and how to start looking, and how to progress.

Brand Coordinator Oncology @ Eli Lilly & Co

Meliina Räty

Practical and tactical with great insight, topped with positive energy. A topnotch career coach and sparring partner, highly recommend.

Founder & COO @ Income Marketplace

Meet your coach & instructor

Hi, this is your coach, Lassi Albin. I am thrilled that you are on this page and considering joining hundreds of professionals who have benefitted from my programs and coaching. My success comes through your success, I actually have a reputation of spying on my client profiles to see how awesome career journeys they build ;) You are next! But hey, check out first what makes me different. See you soon in our first session!

Get to Know me

Why choose me as your private career coach? 

There are many coaches out there in the market. This is what sets me apart.

Real Experience

I know the road. With extensive industry operations, entrepreneurship, and talent management background across fortune 500 / smaller companies and 10 countries lived, there are a lot of best practices that I bring to the table for us.

World-class Coaching

I am an ICF (International Coaching Federation) qualified Senior Coach with 2.000+ hours of coaching experience. In addition to my private clients, I coach at top Executive Schools' corporate programs. I hold an MBA from the Rotterdam School of Management. 

Straight Talk

My style is caring, collaborative but direct in communication. Once we have laid out your future plan, you can be assured that execution, accountability, and results will follow. I am your sparring partner and we will hit your goals with a big smile for our hard work.

Iñigo Querol Delclaux

He really gets aligned with your objectives and follows your performance throughout the journey. I plan to continue working with Lassi.

Investment Professional @ Anacap Financial Partners

Mathias Michel

He helped finding out what was the right career move for me and subsequently guided me towards the people I needed to work with to make that move successfully..

Rotational Leadership Program @ Novartis

Toni Hänninen

His coaching, networking, and perspective helped me to understand what really matters in life and work, and how to combine this to the best outcome for long term progression.

CFO @ Faron Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

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