What if you could have a step-by-step MBA job search process that maximises your chances for a top post-MBA contract?

Discover the success formula that will become your best friend during the MBA, taking you from the foundation to signing your top post-MBA contract that you are after.


Lassi Albin - Course Instructor

Hi, I'm Lassi Albin - an MBA, industry background, ICF-PCC certified MBA career coach, and a member of IESE Business School's external executive coaching team. With the experience of 500+ top MBAs coached, I tell career secrets that will help you land your top post-MBA contract.

My MBA graduation was getting close and I was about to launch my new post-MBA career in sales & marketing 

I had put in all the needed work and effort during my 18-months intensive program. 

Wonderful academic learning had taken place, lifelong friendships had been crafted and dozens of companies had presented themselves on campus. 

Times were great, economy was doing well and MBA students were getting contracted at a rapid pace. 

My career start in supply chain operations had been a pure coincidence, but I had deeply appreciated the global learning opportunity with great managers (thank you Russell, Marc, Rob, Michael and Roelf).  

However, inside of me, and as a driver to my MBA program entry, was a strong desire to build a career in sales and marketing. As a strong extravert, I was longing for interesting commercial challenges and interactions with people. 

On the day of graduation, I had 4 offers on the table, all to go back to Supply chain. Good money? Yes. Career change that I wanted? No. 

So although I am now in my absolute dream job (and my long journey and learning were needed to fully support you as a career coach), the journey could have been faster and more effective.

What went wrong? What did I miss during my MBA? What I could have done differently? 

Doing an MBA is a big deal and a serious investment for your future

I salute and highly respect all MBA students for their determination and courage. You ROCK!

Embarking on an MBA journey is a choice, decision to work hard, and a large investment to put in place. I mean, you have done the "total cost" calculations with opportunity cost and all that, I do not need to get there. 

As a result, one expects a proper ROI on multiple angles:

  1. Self-exploration
  2. Career progression and/or change
  3. Academic learning
  4. Networking & lifelong friends

All these are highly valuable and life-enhancing, but it is "THE DAY AFTER YOUR GRADUATION" that is the ultimate target. THE CONTRACT. The professional future that you have planned for yourself. 

You are/will be busy during your MBA program, aiming to strike a balance between academic studies, job hunting and networking with your peers. 

Your career management is the most crucial of them all (I know, people will challenge me on this. But I can defend my case at any given moment & give facts). 

Many things can go RIGHT and WRONG during and MBA job search process

The fact is, the MBA job market is a busy terrain and full of razor-sharp competition. Even with the finest backgrounds and brands on resumes, the process needs to be executed with intense focus. 

Remember, when you hit the campus on Day 1, the baseline is instantly reset, to MBA baseline that is shaped by all talent from your school and all the other schools out in the market. Time to up the game!

What can (and should) go right? 

  • You do self-exploration, soak yourself in all wonderful options and immerse with clear career goals
  • You display a Top Gun personal brand and networking skills, winning places in high-ticket interviews
  • As a result of your best practices preparation, you slam dunk and conquer interviews
  • You skilfully finalise your contract negotiations and catapult yourself into a successful post-MBA career

What can go wrong (and can be avoided)?

  • Getting stuck on starting blocks and missing the 1st round action with confusion
  • Not getting a full, detailed company research done for target companies
  • Missing deadlines due to lack of clear process and busy MBA student calendar
  • Going out with a semi-baked personal brand & application pack leading to unnecessary rejections
  • Failing to keep moving forward, cutting losses quick and keeping an endless drive
  • Excelling in applications but belly-landing interviews due to insufficient/wrong preparation
  • And many more things...it is a very delicate process...

The good news is that YOU CAN OWN this process and MASTER IT! 

Business schools pump out their best resources and knowledge...but you define your own future

True, MBA schools place high efforts on building career services teams to support students in their job search. Depending on their resources available, tailored or more generic support is available. This support in preparation and employer relations is highly valuable and you should tap into all resources available.

And yes, a selection of schools report 60%+ job placements through their career services. And this is all good and positive news for all of us. 

However, this should not be misunderstood as an "autopilot" that delivers results on an assembly belt. You should definitely benefit from all on-campus recruiting, but also be ready to go beyond.

Behind every top post-MBA contract is hard work and accountability for one's own efforts. 

Schools differ greatly in the range and volume of career services that they provide. YES, use all their services to your benefit. But NO, do not place your career management solely on them.

Your MBA, your career, you are in charge! 

YOU can do much MORE...to boost your chances of landing your top post-MBA contract

MBA Job Search is a process, something that starts even before you set foot on campus. And yes, it takes attention and work throughout your MBA program.

But do it the right way, following a proven success formula that accommodates the footsteps of earlier, very successful MBAs, and your future career and life will be changed forever. 

I have had the privilege to work with many of world's top MBA schools and their students. 

Through hundreds of coaching sessions and observing firsthand how post-MBA careers evolve, clear patterns appear to explain why some make it to their target positions and others do not.

Why guess and randomly try when you can be in charge? Tap into the success formula!

Iñigo Querol Delclaux

I worked with Lassi while I was working on building my post MBA professional path in the Private Equity Industry, he was very supportive and I don’t even want to think of a scenario where I had to do this without him.

Investment Professional @ Anacap Financial Partners

Patrik Wallen

He teams up with his clients and motivates them to go after what they want. In his direct Nordic style he tells you what you need to do without beating around the bush, and always with a smile! Get him on your team if you can." 

Executive Director - Career Development Center @ IESE Business School

Mariam Nurminen

I was seeking help to assess, develop and understand how to proceed with a career transformation. Lassi is very professional and has knowledge as he gives an accurate overview of your situation, as well as advice on where and how to start.

Brand Coordinator Oncology, Nordics @ Eli Lilly & Company

Ready to own your career?   

I still recall 2006 (uff, it feels like yesterday), I was super busy with school work and companies kept on rolling to campus. Boy, had I known what I know now and I would have gone ballistic with my job search process. There are so many opportunities out there, let's go after them!

Frequently asked 1

"I do see the importance of the job search process. But the fact is that I just invested a ton of money into my MBA program. Should it not be my school's MBA program that builds relevant recruiting company relations and brings them on-campus? It is also getting very busy with the academics."

Lassi Albin - Coach

Top schools with skilled and large corporate relations teams are able to attract many good names to recruit on-campus. However, no school can bring all the opportunities on-campus and many schools lack the horsepower in corporate outreach, and recruiting takes place off-campus, initiated by the students themselves. No school can connect with all interesting companies, this is on the candidate's "to-do" list.  And when it comes to lack of time, it is the "day after graduation" that truly matters. You need to be proactive, not reactive.

Frequently asked 2

"It says on my MBA program description that full career services will be provided as part of my program. I am not sure why I should be looking into enrolling into an additional course? "

Lassi Albin - Coach

Schools aim to make the best use of their limited resources and teach the most important career management skills. However, the student volumes are high, calendar time is limited and choices need to be made on what is included and in what detail. A guidebook, a step-by-step process to follow helps to maintain your focus on job search. Furthermore, under time and budget pressure, research skills, the art of networking, and interview preparation get less attention. This program will support you in those topics. 

Frequently asked 3

"Applying for job is quite a straightforward process for me. There are on-campus recruiting companies and then companies who advertise online. I build a professional CV and cover (my school also helps with workshops), apply and interview. This program makes it sound more complicated."

Lassi Albin - Coach

MBA job landscape is fiercely competitive. On-campus recruiters do not only visit one school, they have a full list of top talent to say hello to. This makes the process a detailed one, something that needs to be executed to perfection. There is no free pass to MBB, IB or top tech companies, it takes a perfected process, a success formula. CV and cover letter are a small (important yes) piece of the brand pack, but then comes the art of networking, mastering different interview types and skilfully finding the invisible opportunities. With success formula, not complicated. 

Dmytro Grabovets

Lassi is one of the most passionate and enthusiastic persons. In a job hunt every little detail matters and Lassi knows them all. He is a true professional who guided me through this bumpy road by showing how to prepare best within a given time, what to skip, and where to focus.

Investment Banking Associate @ Citi

Mathias Michel

During my 2-year career transition at IESE Business School Lassi has been a true couch and mentor. He helped finding out what was the right career move for me and subsequently guided me towards the people I needed to work with to make that move successfully.

Rotational Leadership Program @ Novartis


Edward Li

From career choices to contract negotiation, Lassi extended great help and support for the progress that I have achieved. What I got was not just a piece of advice for a specific interview, but a comprehensive review of my goals, my skills and potential career path.

@ A prominent Exchange and Clearing house

On-demand resource to complement your Career Services offering & boost your success rate

...you will be busy with both academics and the job search process. Overwhelming after just months on-campus.

Get them both right, with the right SUCCESS FORMULA, a step-by-step process, you will significantly reduce your stress levels, save time and succeed in your MBA Job Search process. 

I like to call it the perfect "MBA Job Search" Plug-in that completes any MBA program. 

Take away the guesswork and say hello to your new tour guide to top post-MBA careers. 

Say Hello to...

7 connected modules, 37 episodes with a guiding step-by-step job search process

This is the process, the success formula that has been created to be your partner. It is an end-to-end process starting from building your baseline and finalising in you writing the ink on your post-MBA contract paper.

This program was built for ONE, and ONE THING only:




This is delivered to you through the following benefits:

  • Own your search process through a step-by-step success formula packed with insight advice
  • Never miss a deadline or the opportunity to find the right companies in your field
  • Work the market with best-in-class personal brand and application pack
  • Find the right contacts and network professionally like there was no tomorrow
  • Be prepared for different types of interviews and walk in with top confidence
  • And so much more...

Here is an overview of your program modules

The Success Formula has a particular order of moving forward. This is to ensure that the candidate has everything in place for the next step, optimise use of time and not to burn any bridges on the way.

Module 1: Intro to Journey

  • Laying out the journey ahead and results
  • Getting to know your coach
  • What makes MBA Job Search different?
  • How to maximize course impact?

Module 2: Fixing the Baseline

  • What is a Baseline? 
  • Why is Baseline so important? 
  • Building 3 pillars of Baseline
  • Final Baseline locking

Module 3: Locking Targets 

  • Building the most effective target mapping matrix, "The Eagle Eye" approach
  • Finding target companies per industry
  • Researching methods for company knowledge
  • Prioritising your targets for execution

Module 4: Connecting to Power 

  • Introduction to powerful networking
  • How to find right alumni connections?
  • Who are the true decision-makers? 
  • Boolean search tactics for quick results

Module 5: Perfecting the Package

  • Introduction to MBA personal branding
  • Building a Linkedin profile that gets noticed
  • Creating a powerful and clear resume
  • Crafting a cover letter for impact

Module 6: Executing Applications

  • What will make or break your applications? 
  • Application tactics for open market positions
  • Approaching alumni & other power contacts
  • Headhunters, Emails, Linkedin messages, intro calls, and more

Module 7: Mastering Interview Prep 

  • Mastering different interview forms and assessment centers
  • Technical questions preparation
  • Fit questions preparation
  • Motivation question preparation

Module 8: Contracting Your Future

  • Introduction to contract components
  • Negotiation tactics for contracting
  • Rotational programs vs. fixed country opportunities
  • Final words & departure for a highly successful career

Take a peek inside the program

Every episode will cover a particular action item and will provide the steps and templates to get things done effectively.


Tomas Blanco

During my MBA at IESE, I worked very closely with Lassi in his role as Career Advisor. His enthusiasm, energy and no-nonsense style made him an ideal partner as we explored our industry in the Fintech Club. His contributions were key to our development.

Business Development Director @ OLE Communications


Igor Ustinov

When my MBA career plan had to be modified, Lassi was there to support me and to help me better define my targets and potential. This was extremely helpful for me and worked for my benefit when landing an excellent job at the intersection of my professional interests.

Business Engagement Lead @ ServiZürich


Thorsten Klein

High energy, enthusiasm and a passion for adventure – backed up by deep knowledge of the MBA business and and outstanding cross industry relations spanning the globe. He will take you on a journey that will over deliver on the aims and targets you set out.

Programme Director EMBA - University of Zurich


Here is what is included in your program

Built to be a step-by-step program, this course is packed with best practices, coach-specific tactics, and advice that is normally reserved only for 1-to-1 private career coaching. These private coaching programs typically have a cost of EUR 200+ per hour, and they run for several months. 

For the first time, you can have access to all this wealth of training and advice online. Integrate it to your MBA program, and tap into the results through the high-value MBA job search pack. 

Included in your instant access program: 

*** 7 hours of core on-demand video content over 7 modules *** 

  1. Intro to your journey, 5 episodes
  2. Fixing the Baseline, "First layer of Confidence" approach, 5 episodes
  3. Locking Targets, using the proven "Eagle Eye" approach, 3 episodes
  4. Connecting to Power, 4 episodes of pure tactical advice
  5. Perfecting the Package, 6 episodes, "Proud & Professional"
  6. Executing Applications, 7 episodes of razor-sharp execution
  7. Mastering Interview Preparation, 4 episodes
  8. Contracting Your Future, 2 episodes

*** 12 high-value, MBA-tailored worksheets, and templates for your use ***

  • Baseline matrix on 3-planning pillars
  • "Eagle Eye" MBA target matrix that never fails
  • The right format resume & cover template
  • Tailored message templates to network with alumni, corporates, headhunters etc.
  • The introduction calls for dialogues & questions, know what to say
  • Links to assessment center prep material for different sectors
  • Fit and motivation questions for practice
  • Contracting checklist

This Tailor-made, MBA specific program will change your game & future!

Priced for easy access, you only pay EUR 97 one-time!

Click below for an instant program start!


No Guesswork - Just Results!

MBA Job Search Online Program - The perfect best practices Plug-in for MBA students going places! Whether you are an incoming class 2023 student or 2022 second year...this is your powerhouse program.

The choice is yours

Get instant access with the option that fits you  best!

On-demand Program - Instant Access

EUR 97

one-time payment

  • 7 hours of Step-by-Step, MBA job search best practices 
  • Core 37 episodes of MBA-specific video training
  • 12 tailored attachments & MBA templates
  • Bonus content "Job Search during turbulent times"
  • Convenient 100% app and desktop access

Program + 2 hours private coaching

EUR 497

one-time payment

  • 7 hours of Step-by-Step, MBA job search best practices 
  • Core 37 episodes of MBA-specific video training
  • 12 tailored attachments & MBA templates
  • Bonus content "Job Search during turbulent times"
  • Convenient 100% app and desktop access
  • + 2 hours of private career coaching with Lassi Albin to boost your job search

Join the course, it will be a tremendous time-saver and will give you the best shot for your post-MBA top contract.

I truly wish this program was built already when I was at biz school, I would have jumped on it. But now it exists, for you to take advantage of.

See you on the inside!

Lassi Albin - Your Career Coach